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Tonight...... This is just a little peak at a few of the walls with : MY ARTWORK... nearly every single one created this past year within the confines of my studio. Emotional and physical obstacles ,social isolation and several years of unsuccessful medical interventions yet this, my creative MEDICINE, buoyed me, allowed me to grieve and surrender, release the endless, fear of the unknown.

These pieces ( many more still in the studio) were infused with an energy and self expression that we all harbor deep within us yet never realize until desperation or desire for renewal and self exploration are forced upon us. Illness, loss, betrayal etc... all become catalysts for inner work and in my case PLAY.

Today, I know that with perseverance and passion, I can learn new skills, paint standing (still can’t properly sit), draw with my non dominant hand (these were created in this manner) when the pain in my dominant, right hand and arm is too severe ...and tonight, vulnerable but determined, put myself back out in the world and smile. I did it!!! Thank you for being here, supporting me in any way you have.

Art being featured at Arts Garage Delray Beach, FL.

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