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'Seed The Day'
My daily meditation and call to self expression.

There is and forever shall be a loving, intuitive and creative Muse Within Me.

As a mixed media artist and photographer I enjoy the intuitive process of weaving meaningful motifs and found objects, enabling myriad narratives to surface unexpectedly within my artwork.

My background includes a Bachelor of Education degree, a Masters degree in Marriage and Family therapy and a certificate in Arts and Healthcare. Only recently have I recognized my deep connection to the creative muse within and rejoice in the endless bounty of artistic media and the unique outcomes which materialize within each pice of my artwork.

Textures resulting from many applications of paint, paper and found objects, are integral to the completion of my work. There are often surprising elements of design within each piece which shall never be duplicated in subsequent pieces. Each step in my process of creating a new piece of artwork allows for the natural dispersion of color and the outcome is an exciting and unique convergence of mixed media .

I believe strongly in the power of art-making and all arts experiences to relieve the emotional and physical pain associated with mental and/or physical illnesses. The arts, both visual and expressive have proven, throughout history to promote wellness and self fulfillment. Regardless of ones role in art making, as either spectator or creator, the arts are a magical inspiration and the most natural of healing modalities. Expressing myself intuitively and without restraint or self judgement is the most natural and self fulfilling experience I have known.


We played and expressed ourselves as children, naturally, curiously and joyfully. We were free from self judgement and expressed pride in our accomplishments. It's time to PLAY once again and share in the fun and spontaneity of enjoying the healing gifts of art!



Arts Garage 

Delray Beach

Gail Butters Cohen Bio:
Gail is a Contemporary Mixed media, figurative artist living in Delray Beach. Originally from Montreal, her artwork often contains references to the mountains, lakes and woods; natural environments which reflect metaphors of creation, impermanence, decay and seasons of life.

Living with Chronic pain and partial disability, Gail delves into the creative possibilities inherent in her materials as a means of healing and sharing emotive artwork. Her artwork, often textural and expressive is created in the moment and intuitively, allowing her to express the common threads that the viewer will often recognize as their own. Emotional and personal, she paints the inevitable experiences and struggles, connection, disconnection within the journey we all share, maturing and evolving.



What if engaging in any form of creative pursuit could heal your life? Today’s guest, Artist Gail Butters Cohen, discovered the healing power of art in mid-life. “Creativity sparks some beauty and life within me that was not there otherwise” – she says. Her self-expression unleashed, she is constantly creating, finding joy in spite of chronic, debilitating pain. Learn how Gail’s unique training at UF Arts in Medicine Program informs her work today and how she discovered the joy of Happy Accidents. Are there creatures in your clouds? There are in Gail’s! Experiencing artist’s block? Listen in as Gail shares how she gains strength and inspiration through favorite rituals. online forums and intuitive art instructors. Looking for more? Gail has an invitation for you, created especially for women who are homebound so you can create in comfort. Join her in the Creative HeARths & Healing Circle and follow us on the HeARThlife Circle Playshops Video Series.


Gail Butters Cohen: Feminine, Mixed-media Paintings that Celebrate Women


By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Mixed-media Art

Mixed media artist and intuitive painter Gail Butters Cohen knows the complexity of a woman’s life story extremely well. Her work interweaves women’s narratives like “warrior,” “mother,” “sister,” and “friend,” playfully discovering and uncovering these stories one at a time with acrylic paint, ink, drawings, found objects and paper.

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