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A Never did I imagine myself a genuinely free spirit, guided solely by intuition, yearning and passion for color and painting. I never painted, not since pre-school, when all I remember is the faint scent, exciting colors  and distinctly,  the swoosh, swish, flicking of that sloppy brush, anything was possible. That was the beginning and the end of my artistic career.. For nearly 20 years I have been trying to mend my broken wings, destroyed by medical procedures and surgeries gone wrong and thus far, no medication, doctor or traditional western intervention has given me relief or allowed me the freedom to enjoy life as I knew it prior ....not until I found my creative wings once again...No, life still has me hibernating in the confines of my house 99.9% of the time but now I have a purpose and a sense of excitement as I awaken each day...I remind myself that  I can begin each and every day anew,, draw, and paint, freely, uninhibited, joyfully and confidently. My walls, floors and bedroom(s) are overflowing

with brave intuitive, positive narratives of a life I still hope for and dream of. As long as I am able to paint anything I desire, travel to imaginary dreamscapes and become less dis-abled as I allow the brushes, the paints and the music to guide me daily, I release the pain, the fear and the discontent, recalling the myriad, hopeful messages I have internalized over the course of several years of art making. Today, I rely often on my left, non dominant hand to draw expressively, another creative gift I give to myself when my right wing  is broken, unable to assist in my fanciful flights. I have taught myself that I can, I will and I shall continue in spite of and despite any emotional or physical challenges., Who knew natural medicine would look like wildly, messy, bountiful art spaces...and they are all mine!!!! Today, I will be exhibiting over 20 drawings and paintings which I have created over the past year, narrating Various stages of my life, encompassing the emotions of grief,

release and hope. A powerful and extremely meaningful, personal exhibit. I am So fortunate to have found this GIFT, the healing power of creativity!!!!!

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